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Our History – Over One Hundred Years In Business

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F.Shaw & Co Ltd was founded by Fred Shaw in Lord Street Huddersfield in 1903. The company was involved with ventilation from its foundation. Manufacturing decorative cowls for passive ventilation systems and providing early ventilation systems for the local mills and factories.
The company played a part in the growing Huddersfield textile industry, supply large numbers of zinc, water tight packing case linings in which coils of fine worsteds were exported to world markets.

Other products at this time included a variety of textile machinery guards, oiling systems, rollers and covers for teasing, spinning and scribbling processes.

Founder Fred Shaw retired in 1924 and the company was sold to two different owners before being acquired by Harold Rhodes, who had worked for the company since 1942.

 Although ductwork and ventilation continued to be a large part of the company’s business, its sheet metal side continued to be involved in a wide and diverse range of products. During the 1960’s the company produced prop shaft tunnels, rear suspension frames and wheel arches for the Aston Martin DB6.

During the mid-1970’s the company began manufacturing Air handling units and kitchen canopies. These products became a large part of the company business supplying to supermarkets, hospital and schools and continues to grow today.

Under the current managing director Howard Rhodes, the company has invested in some of the latest production techniques including CAD/CAM design, plasma cutting and CNC punching.

In 2003 its centenary year the company moved to a two and half acre site in Albert Street Huddersfield expanding its production and storage capacity.


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