Fresh Air Bespoke Handling

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F.Shaw & Co Ltd have been manufacturing the Fresh-air range of bespoke AHU’s in Huddersfield since the mid 1970’s which means we have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture.
Our design engineers can tailor an AHU to your exact requirements, helping make it fit where space is crucial, and also assuring that it performs as required.

To complement our bespoke AHU’s we also offer a standard range of sizes. This aids designers when working out layouts, and can offer ideas of size at design stage, and in many cases these sizes can be perfect for the project in mind.
These standard sizes can be found on this web site.
But remember we can always make it bespoke as required.

High quality AHU’s at competitive prices!

F.Shaw & Co Ltd believes that the quality of an AHU is found in the detail. All our AHU’s are built to high standards and we pay attention to all the details that add up to a quality unit.

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For example here are some of our standard AHU features.All our doors and panels are punched to exact sizes using CNC computer aided technology, which means the fit, is always precise.

Which in turn means our units are always low leak. We use top quality handles, hinges and locks

All fan motors are pre wired to external isolators.

We fit drain trays to all cooling coils and plate heat exchangers.

All our drain trays are made from stainless steel and have access for easy cleaning.

We fit face and bypass dampers to all our plate heat exchangers, unless you specify other wise.

All filter sections have minihelic gauges fitted.

All connection spigots are flanged.

All units come with base frames and lifting points where needed.

Our weatherproof units have bird mesh fitted on all atmosphere inlets and outlets.

We fit double skin pitched roofs to all our weatherproof units.

Our AHU’s are competitively priced but the build quality and standard spec remains high.