DX Cooling

Fresh-air  AHU’s are available with both DX cooling  and reverse cycle cooling/heating coils and matching condensing units if required.

Matching condensing units are offered complete with pipe work installation, expansion valves, charging and commissioning.

Units can be fully bespoke and delivered to site in one section or in several sections. We also offer a complete flat pack and build on site service for where access is limited. DX coils can be used with various types of heat recovery if required.

  • All refrigerants are catered for
  • All our cooling coils have extended stainless steel drain trays fitted, fully accessible for cleaning as standard
  • removable plastic eliminators can be fitted where necessary
  • protective finishes are available
  • Fin materials can be aluminium, copper, and electro tinned

We also offer a range of standard size units with DX coils.

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dx 1 1
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