Heat Recovery Units

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Fresh-air offer a wide range of heat recovery AHU’s. All heat recovery units can be offered fully bespoke.  To give total flexibility these units can be delivered to site in one piece or in sections or as flat pack and build on site.
Our sales team will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have. We offer a full design service, producing working drawings for approval before manufacture commencement.

  • Plate Heat exchanges
    These are a popular & cost effective way of recovering energy.
    Because plates are a passive way of recovering energy no moving parts mean low maintenance. Plastic plates can be used in corrosive atmospheres.
  • Thermal wheels
    High efficiency recovery of both sensible and latent energy. If used in the correct application thermal wheels work well. Remember thermal wheels are an active form of energy recovery and have drive motors etc which will need maintenance. Some cross contamination of air streams can be expected.
  • Run around coils
    Main advantage is when air streams must be kept 100% separate.
    Run around coils can give a flexible answer to fitting heat recovery. Supply and extract units can be sited separately.
  • Mixing boxes
    A simple and low cost way to recover heat. However return and outside airs streams are mixed. The application must be considered fully before use.

To complement these units we offer;

Matching condensing units, install of pipe work, expansion valves, charging and commissioning.

Control panels and inverters – for wiring by others or installed by our engineers.

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