Our CAD engineers use both AutoCad and Solidworks 3D Professional to assist with your design. As a part of this process, we offer a prototyping service.

Our Pullmax 5000 punch has an operating size up to 3048mm x 1524mm sheet size. It is capable of punching up to 3mm thick material.

Laser Cutting
Our new LVD Electra Fiber Laser is the first in the UK. It offers the very latest in laser-cutting technology. This machine will cut stainless steel, aluminium, brass, zintec, galvanised steel and mild steel. It has an operating size up to 3048mm x 1524mm sheet size and a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm.The inclusion of this new machine has massively increased our cutting capacity.

Our new LVD Easyform 135/30 pressbrake complete with the laser angle measuring system produces parts with excellent accuracy. We also have a Bystronic PR100 and a RAS panel bender to compliment the LVD pressbrake. The new pressbrake has massively increased our capacity.

Welding and Fabrication
We have over 20 skilled engineers, all fully trained in working with numerous metal types and welding disciplines including TIG, MIG, MMA, spot and hand-held spot welding. We are also able to offer in-house coded welding. We are especially skilled at working with stainless steel and aluminium.

Powder Coating
We can accommodate parts up to 2400mm deep, 3800mm long and 1500mm wide. We stock a wide range of colours and finishes including gloss, satin, matt, texture and leatherette finishes. We are able to obtain non-standard colours and finishes very quickly.

Our assembly service offers both mechanical assembly and electrical installations.